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CCRC Studies

The following figure illustrates the diverse nature of studies across different specialties undertaken within the ACRC, to June 2015.

ACRC Studies - June 2015

CCRC research hits the news!

Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald has developed a new way of detecting cancerous cells in the oesophagus, using a novel cell collection method called the Cytosponge. This research was undertaken in the Clinical Investigation Ward at the CCRC, in the dedicated research endoscopy unit. It has been widely reported in the printed press during July 2015 and also featured on ITV Anglia news.

Quoting GP Dr Richard Davies: “The Cytosponge clearly is a potentially revolutionary investigation… and because of that… it’s likely to save lives ultimately, and prevent advanced malignancy of the oesophagus, and that can only be a good thing.”

Click here for link to the Cytosponge video.