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We are funded by the National Institute for Health Research to support experimental medicine, early phase studies (phase IIa and earlier) and experimental medicine studies that are ‘nested’ within later phase studies that require specialised facilities, support or equipment.

Our superbly equipped generic and specialist facilities are staffed by a dedicated and highly trained team with all the clinical skills needed to support your research project. This includes chemotherapy, immunotherapy, cell therapy, monoclonal antibody and vaccine drug administration, endoscopy procedures, metabolic and physiological measurement studies and intensive sampling studies such as euglycaemic clamps and artificial pancreas. We have created the research environment for innovation and excellence in translating experimental medicine into patient benefits.

Publicising your research

We are required by our funders (NIHR) to provide advance notice of key media stories, press releases, publications, TV programmes etc. If you plan to publicise your work, please notify us as early as possible. You also need to acknowledge NIHR support as follows:

‘This research was supported by the National Institute for Health Research/Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.’

Or the shorter format:

‘This research was supported by the NIHR/Wellcome Trust Cambridge CRF.’