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Public and patient involvement (OLD)

From developing new treatments for peanut allergy and investigating the causes and effects of stimulant drug dependence to examining the way your genetic make-up, environment and lifestyle affect your vulnerability to certain diseases and much more besides, exciting, ground-breaking and immensely important work takes place here.

Among the world’s best-equipped research facilities of its kind, the Cambridge Clinical Research Facility’s staff team, from the specialist clinicians to the nurses and research support people, is truly world class. They’re not only expert in their own medical specialisms; they’re also highly trained in the special demands of medical research.


Why take part?

You might be a patient whose condition fits the criteria for a particular study, or a completely healthy participant. Either way, when you take part in a programme of research here you’re making a valuable contribution to a process that changes – and even saves – people’s lives.

Many of our volunteers tell us they’re fascinated by the work that happens here. They’re also pleasantly surprised by how well we look after them, at the comfort of our facilities and the calm, caring and friendly atmosphere. In fact, a recent study investigating why some first-time pregnancies have problems found that the serene surroundings had a positive effect on the outcome.

And since we’re at the heart of the world-renowned Addenbrooke’s Hospital, you couldn’t be in safer or more expert hands.


How to join

Many of our volunteers have told us they’re impressed by the convenience, efficiency and flexibility of our ‘drop-in’ service, which means you can donate your sample at a time that suits you! Initially, one of our team of research-specialist nurses will explain fully the programme for which you’re volunteering – and once you’re happy to give your consent….

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