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Learn more about age group 8-12

You may be joining us to help us with our research. Biomedical research is about understanding how our bodies work. Clinical research helps us to understand how medicines and treatments work in our bodies.

We ask children to take part because their bodies are different from adults. It is important that we know how treatments might work in children not just adults.

If you take part in research here, then your mum, dad, guardian or carer, can stay with you so you won’t be on your and we have a dedicated research ward for children’s and young people.

You would be cared for by friendly doctors, nurses and researchers who will look after you and will answer any of your questions.

We have lots of toys, books and computers you can play with here whilst our researchers are looking after you so you won’t be bored! Have a look through our website and see what taking part in research in Cambridge is like.

We want to thank you for taking part in research. Without you we can’t find new medicines to help other people. We look forward to seeing you and remember if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask!
Read our leaflet that may answer some of your questions and explains what we do at the CRF