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ACTIVE at Addenbrooke’s

Want to make a difference for kids at Addenbrooke’s? Got any bright ideas? Aged 8-18 years? Why not join ACTIVE?

ACTIVE is a group of children and young people just like you!

Some of them are or have been patients at the hospital, some of them are thinking about working in a medical career, and some are just interested in medical science and research and want to make a difference.

The group meets up at Addenbrooke’s Hospital eight times a year, either on Wednesday evenings or Saturday afternoons.

If you would like to become a member or if you have any questions, please email – you can also visit their webpage on the Addenbrooke’s website.

How ACTIVE has helped the CRF:

In July 2019 ACTIVE looked over our patient information sheets and consent forms for Dr Laura Watson’s Eating Disorder study, which is looking at the metabolism (how well the body uses the food you eat as energy so the rest of your body can function) of healthy children and adolescents.

ACTIVE members looked over the study’s patient information sheets and consent forms, and also provided a young person’s perspective on the kind of things that would matter to them when taking part in studies.

Caroline McMahon, PPI Lead at the CRF, said: “Their feedback was great – and they thought about things which didn’t even occur to us but which could help reassure healthy young people thinking about taking part in one of our studies.”