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International Clinical Trials Day 2021

Our patients and the public are at the heart of the research. To celebrate International Clinical Trials Day 2021, we are publishing a series of posts on social media of personal stories of what research means to them, you can also read them here.

I’m Part of Research Because…

Starting the trial in May 2019, to try and find further treatment for Malignant pleural Mesothelioma, and continuing to come to our clinical research facility on weekly basis until April 2021. Sheila says “By taking part in research, I have developed a bond with all the CRF staff and medical staff who looked after her and treated her.  Always appreciative of the care that I received, and facilities provided to care for her. I always come in for treatment with a big smile on my face and I always bring sweets in every single week.” Sheila adds that everyone is  “Very kind and helpful” and to “keep up the good work”. The CRF team say Sheila is an unforgettable participant.”

Fortunately, Sheila has had a positive response from the trial and is currently ongoing with follow-up trial visits with the trial team.


I’m Part of Research Because… by Clint

I’m Part of Research Because…

Colin has had a life changing 12 months after his battle with Covid-19, you can read his full story here .

I’m Part of Research Because…

Gemma had treatment with us every 2 weeks for 3 years to contribute, have treatment & find out more about her rare disease. We wish Gemma all the best as her visits here have now come to an end.

I’m Part of Research Because… by Hannah


Did you know…

That International Clinical Trials Day is celebrated around the world in May to recognise the day that James Lind started what is often considered the first randomised clinical trial aboard a ship on May 20, 1747? His trial consisted of just 12 men, grouped into pairs and given a variety of dietary supplements from cider to oranges and lemons. The trial only lasted six days but, within that time, there was a noticeable improvement in the group eating the fruit, providing Lind with the evidence required of the link between citrus fruits and scurvy.