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Emergency simulation training

A life-size mannequin is used during emergency simulation training


In addition to the statutory life support training which all nurses have to undertake in the Trust we provide regular Emergency Simulation Training (EST) for the NIHR/Wellcome Trust Cambridge CRF nursing team:

  • to enhance our research participants’ safety
  • to expose our staff to clinical emergency situations relevant to their work
  • for staff to gain and maintain confidence in dealing with an emergency in a safe and supportive training environment
  • to ensure staff are competent in recognising deterioration in a participant’s condition and initiate appropriate and timely action.

Every nurse participates at least once a year in a bespoke simulation training programme.  This includes clinical emergency scenarios recommended by the MHRA and scenarios specific to the live studies facilitated on the Cambridge CRF.  The programme includes, amongst others; IMP unblinding,  transfer procedure and reporting Serious Adverse Events (SAEs).  We work closely with the Cambridge University Hospitals Trust’s Resuscitation Team and the Rapid Response Team and draw on their invaluable expertise. We utilise advanced simulation mannequins to ensure the experience is as realistic as possible.

To date, the training programmes have taken place in a custom-built simulation environment. Simulated emergency scenarios will now also be carried out in the actual clinical environment of the Cambridge CRF and will include unannounced “ward based skills drills”. Furthermore, we are extending this training programme to the clinical staff of the NIHR Cambridge BioResource.