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Welcome to the Cambridge Clinical Research Facility

Located at the heart of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (below), the Cambridge Clinical Research Centre (CCRC) comprises of six clinical research facilities located in two linked buildings both with access to Addenbrooke’s Hospital. All facilities support early translational experimental medicine, operating under a single management and governance framework.

Operating costs are funded by an NIHR award for clinical research facilities for experimental medicine; facilities are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The CCRC has a track record of delivering complex innovate translational research and has carried out over 1,000 clinical studies specialties supporting more than 100,000 patients taking part in research.

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The Cambridge Biomedical Campus 2015 – projects currently under construction identified in blue
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Our facilities

Two facilities are located in the Addenbrooke’s Centre for Clinical Investigation (ACCI) building, an NIHR Cambridge Clinical Research Facility for research involving children and young people, an adult outpatient area with investigation and audiology rooms, and a bespoke metabolic research area with body composition measurement facilities. Also in this building is our Clinical Investigation Ward. Our teams are highly skilled and trained in intermediate life support (adults and children), managing emergency scenarios, administering trial drugs, chemotherapy, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, regulatory compliance and in Good Clinical Practice.

Four facilities are located in the CCRC building; each floor has its own dedicated space to conduct specific research:

  • Level 2, Interventional Procedures Unit:
    Undertakes research endoscopies, cell therapy and minor procedures. This unit has a fully equipped endoscopy suite where we can undertake diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopies, EUS, colonoscopy etc., with biopsies when required. We have our own washroom and drier so we can process and store our variety of scopes, allowing the researcher choice at time of procedure.We have a minor procedure room that can be used for endoscopies but is multi-functional and can be used for cell therapy, ultrasound, biopsies or any specific research that requires a dedicated room. There are also two consulting rooms and two fully equipped recovery rooms that can also be used for infusion studies. All staff are highly trained with the majority having competencies applicable to their role in the endoscopic procedures we undertake. This unit is open Monday – Friday, 08.00 – 16.00 with flexibility to extend as studies require.
  • Level 3, Early Phase Unit: 
    This unit is designed to support the delivery of complex early phase and first-in-human trials with an open plan arrangement, a single room designed for vaccine studies and an separate area to undertake outpatient clinics. We accommodate early phase trials in this unit including oncology first-in-human. We have a sample handling room so can undertake complex studies with frequent sampling requirements. The core hours for this unit is Monday – Friday, 08.00 – 18.00 but with flexibility to extend depending on the requirements of the study.
  • Level 4 & 6 Wellcome-MRC Metabolic Translational Research Facility:
    Conducts metabolic studies linked to research programmes funded by the Wellcome Trust-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science (IMS). With dedicated space and equipment for studying patients and volunteers in a naturalistic setting.
  • Level 5, Clinical Research Facility:
    A 24/7 unit accommodating complex high intensity research in diverse specialties such as oncology, neurodegenerative disease, cardiology and immunology. The facility is equipped with cardiac telemetry to support early phase trials. We have dedicated core teams who deliver studies to time and target. Our staff are highly trained and experienced in high intensity, high risk, translational experimental medicine research including first-in-human drug trials, medical device trials and complex mechanistic physiological studies.

We work together with the Clinical Trials Unit, Clinical Trials Pharmacy and the Office for Translational Research via an Experimental Medicine Operational Group to coordinate infrastructure for experimental medicine research activity across the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

Your opinion matters

We value patient and volunteer feedback and are keen to learn how we can improve our service, your experience is really import to us. We aim to provide a reassuringly calm, caring atmosphere, with appropriate facilities to make your stay with us comfortable.

We have a dedicated Patient and Public Involvement team who work with children, young people and adults who are willing to share their views and experiences to help shape our services. More information is available on our patient and public section. There are lots of different ways you can get involved in a research study, view some of the studies we run at the CCRC.

We hope you will take some time to read through our website. To help you go straight to the information most relevant to you, we have created two main strands – simply click the appropriate button below or in the main menu above to find out more.



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